Welcome to floodam.spatial

floodam.spatial is an R library for performing damage estimation from spatial inputs, that may be used as input for cost-benefit analysis (CBA) applied to flood management policies.

This library has been developed within the French working group “GT AMC” which aims at developing methodologies for the economic appraisal of flood management policies. In this context, the development of floodam.spatial has received the support of the French Ministry in charge of the Environment.

What floodam.spatial can do

floodam.spatial can

  • affect flood parameters to assets
  • convert flood parameters into damage estimation

What floodam.spatial cannot do

floodam.spatial cannot (but should at some point be able to) :

  • perform uncertainty analysis
  • perform sensitivity analysis

How to get floodam.spatial ?

For the moment, ask us. It will be public soon.

How to help for the development of floodam.spatial

Contact us.