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Welcome to is an R library for performing uncertainty analysis and sensitivity analysis of indicators for cost-benefit analysis (CBA) applied to flood management policies.

This library has been developed within the French working group “GT AMC” which aims at developing methodologies for the economic appraisal of flood management policies. In this context, the development of has received the support of the French Ministry in charge of the Environment. originates from a collection of scripts in the archive. This archive has been distributed on demand since its creation in 2017. It is available on this site, but it is not recommended to use it from now on. It will not be maintained. If you have any questions about it, please do not use it and use instead.

What can do is based on :

  • a synthetic description of a key parameters of a project to be appraised through CBA
  • a synthetic description of a uncertainty of those key parameters

The key parameters for appraisal used are:

  • discount rate
  • calendar of realization of the projects and its implication on expected benefits
  • costs, i.e. total investment cost and yearly maintenance cost
  • benefit ar computed through expected impacts on different stakes and different flood scenarios
  • flood scenarios are characterized thourgh their return period

The key parameters included in the uncertinaty are:

  • costs, both investment and maintenance
  • return periods of all flood scenarios
  • expected efficacity of the projet for each flood scenarios (independently of stakes)
  • expected quality of damage estimations for each stakes (independently of flood scenarios)

From this information, calculates the following indicators:

  • uncertainty of expected benefit of the project and its net present value (NPV)
  • first-order and total Sobol indices of the parameters.

What cannot do

To be precised.

How to get ?

You can download and install it from this archive:

For instance, from a terminal, the command you can use is:

R -e "install.packages(
    pkgs = '',
    type = 'source',
    repos = NULL,
    dependencies = TRUE)"

How to help for the development of

Contact us.