Welcome to floodam.agri

floodam.agri is an R library for producing flood damage functions for cultivated plot (agriculture).

This library has been developed within the French working group “GT AMC” which aims at developing methodologies for the economic appraisal of flood management policies. In this context, the development of floodam.agri has received the support of the French Ministry in charge of the Environment.

What floodam.agri can do

floodam.agri is based on a model of plot culture.

floodam.agri include a collection of elementary damage components that describe how elementary components may be impacted in terms of monetary damage when flooded in specific conditions.

From this information, floodam.agri can calculate the following outputs:

  • different type of damage functions:
    • absolute damage functions to specific culture at plot level
    • absolute damage functions to type of culture at plot level

What floodam.agri cannot do

floodam.agri cannot (and is not intended to):

  • calculate damages from the intersection of hydraulic modeling, land use modeling and damage functions. This is what floodam.spatial does.

floodam.agri cannot (but should at some point be able to) :

  • calculate the uncertainty of damage functions
  • perform a sensitivity analysis of damage functions
  • calculate damage functions at farm level

How to get floodam.agri?

For the moment, ask us. It will be public soon.

How to help for the development of floodam.agri?

Contact us.